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Wasatch Mountain State Park

One of the reasons that we like Wasatch Mountain State Park so much is that you are so close to Heber and Midway.  We were able to sync up with some friend to grab some ice cream at feed a cow some carrots.  Also recently I have taken a liking to fly fishing and was able to get out on the Provo River for a few hours.  Didnt catch much but hey, lets just chock it up to the fact that I am still learning…


2 Responses to Wasatch Mountain State Park

  1. Joan brinton says:

    So glad you like fishing..Steve-O would like to go more..just has to remember his reel.

    • Brett says:

      Fishing has been a nice addition to our camping adventures. I am surprised at just how much I like it. Maybe Steve should get an extra reel and keep it in the trailer :)

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