Dead Horses ?>

Dead Horses

Spring Camping can be a bit hit or miss.  Many of the campgrounds in our area are not open yet and most mountain locations are still quite cold (and have snow).  This however, is a good time of year to head south.  Two years ago we visited Arches National Park and I thought it might be fun to go back to that same area and visit Canyonlands National Park. We generally try to stay in the National Parks that we…

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Starting Spring at Mountain Valley RV Resort ?>

Starting Spring at Mountain Valley RV Resort

When we told Lily that we were doing a “Date Camp” in mid March she immediately ask “why don’t you want your daughter to come?”  So it was only fair for us to do an early spring camping trip with her and we decided to head up to the Mountain Valley RV Resort in Heber, Utah. Lily has come to know that private campgrounds have things like pools and she was very excited when we told her where we were…

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Zion River Resort ?>

Zion River Resort

Usually around February we start to get a bit antsy and really start to figure out a way to get out of dodge for a weekend.  The easy thing for us is a weekend in Vegas.  As we started talking about going, neither one of us were terribly excited.  This caused us to start considering other options.  It wasn’t long and we were discussing several camping options and decided to head down to Zions National Park for a couples weekend…

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Spring Gear Guide 2016 ?>

Spring Gear Guide 2016

In January,  I attended the Outdoor Retailers Winter Market show here in Salt Lake City on behalf of the RVFTA Podcast Network.  My task was to identify several items that were unique or would be great for people ,traveling and vacationing in RVs.  First off, the show was huge and basically everything outdoors related was there.  So the real trick was not getting caught up in the latest jacket or boot technology (by the way be sure to check out…

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Ending the season with Lakeside RV Campground ?>

Ending the season with Lakeside RV Campground

As we round the corner into November it becomes clear that the end of the RV season is upon us.  We have been fortunate this year to have been able to use the RV for a solid 9 month stretch.  But the time has finally come to winterize and put our baby to bed for the winter, but not before one last overnight trip.  We were trying to decide between Antelope Island State Park and Utah Lake State Park and…

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