Jellystone of Estes Park ?>

Jellystone of Estes Park

When picking campground in our area we generally tend to favor the ones that allow for more separation between sites and have a tone of trees.  During our trip planning for Rocky Mountain National Park, the best option for us was the Jellystone of Estes Park.  For those that might not know, all the Jellystones are themed around Yogi Bear and tend to cater to the young campers. We have stayed in several private campgrounds, but this was the first…

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Getting sick in Estes Park ?>

Getting sick in Estes Park

We hit the road from the KOA in Silt, Colorado and drove east along I-70.  This is one of the most scenic drives we have been on and we were really happy with our decision to take this route.  We had driven I-70 before but never with a trailer in tow.  For those that dont know, I-70 over the Rockies is nothing to laugh at.  The highway is considered an engineering marvel in many different sections and has created many a…

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Silt Colorado ?>

Silt Colorado

When we were planning our trip to Rocky Mountain National Park, it was obvious that we were going to want o break up the drive into separate days.  This then leads to finding a place along the route to overnight.  I always start off with a Google Maps search of the route(s) to get an idea of how we are going to to get there. In this case taking I-80 through Wyoming is faster by an hour, so that is…

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A Weekend Disconnected ?>

A Weekend Disconnected

When we planned our Memorial Day weekend we picked the Smith and Morehouse campground knowing that it was disconnected.  What a better way to spend the weekend then to relax with family and without outside distractions.  In the weeks leading up to our departure, Ashley was ask to come to a surprise party for one of her best friends in Texas.  She couldn’t miss this opportunity and we decided that while she was in Texas we would all still go camping. The…

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Dead Horses ?>

Dead Horses

Spring Camping can be a bit hit or miss.  Many of the campgrounds in our area are not open yet and most mountain locations are still quite cold (and have snow).  This however, is a good time of year to head south.  Two years ago we visited Arches National Park and I thought it might be fun to go back to that same area and visit Canyonlands National Park. We generally try to stay in the National Parks that we…

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